What makes The Hayes Group special?

Trust us - we know there are thousands of other “marketing” firms begging for your dollars, overpromising, and under delivering. It sounds too good to be true, because it is. We charge a fair price and exceed expectations. If price is what you’re buying on alone, we’re probably not the best fit. If you’re wanting to lay a foundation that you can scale on, get the ball rolling quickly, and utilize a partner that has delivered consistent results for over 15 years - let’s talk.
Why does marketing cost so much? Can’t you just click, click, click - and be done?
If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it and we wouldn’t be here. In order to deliver consistent results that organizations and companies can leverage and scale with, marketing requires strategy, analysis, and a focused plan to succeed, plus the “click, click, click” that everyone talks about. You get what you pay for, and with The Hayes Group - that’s results.
If we do some of the work ourselves, will you discount the price?
Not a chance, but we do charge double the price for micromanagers and control freaks. We know it’s a tough decision to go all in with a marketing partner, but we are seasoned pros that deliver in value and results. In order for this to be a good partnership, it requires two-way trust and understanding that we are working for each other, not the other way around. Your success is our top priority, and you’ll get that sense when we chat.
How long are your contracts?
Our contracts begin with a six month agreement, because that gives us enough time to lay a foundation for you and get the pipeline rolling at scale. It ensures that we’re not wasting our time putting together an in-depth plan for you to benefit from by cutting us off when you start to see results. After the six-month mark, we earn our partnership every month with no long-term contracts and monthly renewals.
I don’t know the right questions to ask, and I’m afraid of choosing the right partner. How do I know THG is right for me?
We get it, and we’ve got you. The Hayes Group team has been doing this for a long time, and we are excited to meet you. We want to help you understand that you’re on track to choosing the right partner. We care deeply about our clients and their success stories - and would love to add you to the family. If your interest is piqued, the best path forward is for us to chat and see if we click. Here’s to it!